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Sally has always loved to read, gulping down everything from Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, James Herriot, Hilary Mantel and lots and lots of history books. She's even been known to read the back of shampoo bottles when there's nothing else to read in the house. She currently, to her shame, owes Northumberland Libraries £37.50 in overdue library fines (sorry Hexham library). 

About the book

'It's beautiful weather today - I sit down outside the lambing shed with my back up against a pen and savour the spring sunshine. All the sheep are bedded up and everyone is fed and watered. No ewe is lambing, and I have half an hour to myself. I stretch out my feet in my wellies and push them into the warm straw ...'

Sally Urwin and her husband Steve own High House Farm in Northumberland, which they share with Mavis the Sheepdog, one very fat pony, and many, many sheep. Set in beautiful, wild landscape, and in use for generations, it's the perfect setting for Sally's (sometimes brutally) honest and charming account of farming life.

From stock sales to lambing sheds, and out in the fields in driving snow and hot summer days, A Farmer's Diary reveals the highs, lows and hard, hard work involved in making a living from the land. Filled with grit and humour, newborn lambs and local characters, this is the perfect book for anyone who has ever wondered what it's like on the other side of the fence.

Published 4th April 2019 and available from all good book shops. 

Sally will be at the following bookshops and festivals in 2019:

27th April 2019

Hexham Book Festival

1.45 pm to 2.45 pm

9th May 2019

Book signing at Waterstones in Cockermouth.

More information to follow.

2nd May 2019

Book signing at Waterstones in Kendal. 

More information to follow

3rd June 2019

Derby Book Festival

3rd May 2019

Book signing at Waterstones in Lancaster.

More information to follow