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Sally has always loved to read, gulping down everything from Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, James Herriot, Hilary Mantel and lots and lots of history books. She currently, to her shame, owes Northumberland Libraries £37.50 in overdue library fines (sorry Hexham library). 

A Farmer's Diary PB final.jpg
My first book Diary of a Pintsized Farmer is available in hardback, paperback, kindle version and audio book from all good book shops, Amazon and where ever you buy your audio and e-books. 

"Full of passion for the realities of life lived knee-deep in the countryside" -  Daily Mail

"From financial struggles to arguing with vegans, Sally Urwin’s new book lifts the lid on farming....A Farmer’s Diary combines humour and the stark reality of modern farming, often in the same anecdote" - The Guardian

"With her witty humour and candid descriptions, its hard not to fall in love with Sally" - The Countryman's Weekly

"Finds the fun in rural life" - Daily Mail

What The Flock is now available for preorder!
My next book "What the Flock" will be published on 7th July 2022 and available in kindle, audio and paperback format. To preorder please visit 

Amazon : (links to both e-book & paperback).

Waterstones -

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