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Hate your job? So did I... This is how I escaped from the corporate treadmill

Twenty five years ago, I was sitting in a toilet stall in a smart accountancy firm, eating a snack pack of custard creams, and psyching myself to go and deliver a presentation on the importance of networking to some bored insolvency practitioners.

I lived in a miniscule apartment in a big city, had acrylic nails, very high heels, a wardrobe of polyester suits from the petite department of Marks and Spencer’s and a permanently miserable expression.

I hated office life. Utterly despised it. I loathed the way it was so strictly regimented, with everyone forced to sit in tiny cubicles for nine hours each day, five days a week. Like the rest of my colleagues, I did short bursts of productive work, watched the clock and spent the rest of the time on the internet planning how to eke out the pitiful remnants of my holiday allowance.

On the surface I was an engaged employee, enthusiastic about learning new developments in the field of accountancy marketing. Underneath, I had a drawer full of Rescue Remedies, drank far too much wine and I spent a LOT of time at work sitting in the canteen and planning my escape.

Two years later, I met Steve, and, with his help, finally shook myself free from the grip of the corporate treadmill. I now have a completely different lifestyle. Farming can still be a cause for anxiety, and we’re permanently living hand to mouth, but the pace of each day is much slower.

I have time to rest and to think and to plan.

I can pace myself and I spend a lot of time outside on the farm, looking after our sheep flock and working with our lambs and Mavis the collie dog. My kids have acres of space to play in and enjoy all the benefits (and frustrations) of a rural childhood. They even occasionally work alongside us, especially during lambing time.

I find watching the seasons change and immersing myself in the slow patterns of a farming year, infinitely more meaningful than working on improving the profits for some faceless corporate conglomerate.

American and Canadian followers - If you would like to read about my move from the city and how I carved out a better life balance, living and working in the countryside, you can pre order my book in America and Canada from all good bookstores (and Amazon). It will be published by Godine Books on 4th August 2020 – please click here for details on where to buy:

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