About Sally 


Sally is probably the shortest farmer in England.

She left her city career in 2004 to live on High House Farm in Northumberland with her husband Steve. Now they have two children, 200 sheep, Mavis the sheep dog, a fat pony and a farm cat.

She helps manage the farm, looks after the sheep, and in her spare time has written a book. 

Her book


Sally's book "Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer: A Year of Keeping Sheep, Raising Kids, and Staying Sane" is published in hardback, paperback, audio and kindle. You can buy Sally's book at all good bookstores (and Amazon of course). 

Filled with grit and humour, newborn lambs and local characters, this is the perfect book for anyone who has ever wondered what it's like on the other side of the fence.

Visit the farm

High House Farm is in Matfen, Northumberland. 

There is a gorgeous luxury glamping site, restaurant, bar and tearoom selling delicious home made dishes, plus a real ale brewery. High House Farm Brewery is licensed for weddings and has a beautiful back drop to many ceremonies and receptions. 


Brewery and farm tours are also available, plus a farm walk.

Read the blog

Sally left the most boring corporate job in the world, to live and work on an isolated farm. From stock sales to lambing sheds, and out in the fields in driving snow and hot summer days, Sally reveals the highs, lows and hard, hard work involved in making a living from the land.

Read her latest blog posts and follow her story.


Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer is now available in America and Canada!

"Full of passion for the realities of life lived knee-deep in the countryside" -  Daily Mail

"From financial struggles to arguing with vegans, Sally Urwin’s new book lifts the lid on farming....A Farmer’s Diary combines humour and the stark reality of modern farming, often in the same anecdote" - The Guardian

"With her witty humour and candid descriptions, its hard not to fall in love with Sally" - The Countryman's Weekly

"Finds the fun in rural life" - Daily Mail

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American and Canadian followers!


My book Diary of a Pint-Sized Farmer: A Year of Keeping Sheep, Raising Kids, and Staying Sane, will be published in the USA and Canada on Tuesday 4th August 2020.


It’ll be available from all good bookshops and you can preorder a copy now from the lovely bookshops below (and Amazon of course).


Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be blogging about how I left the city (and my immensely stressful marketing job behind) by marrying a shy Northumbrian farmer and becoming possibly the shortest farmers’ wife in England. Read all about the steep learning curve in managing a flock of sheep, lambing in the snow and wind and my permanent search for a pair of waterproof trousers (size 14, short) that don’t look like a pair of plastic bags stitched together at the crotch.


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For my lovely Canadian followers you can preorder and buy my book at the Indigo book store chain


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